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Santa Cruz Shredder J-Tubes

Santa Cruz Shredder J-Tubes


One of Santa Cruz Shredder's most recent ground-breaking creations is the Hemp J-tube. It is constructed entirely of natural hemp, which is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly, meaning if you get disorientated and forget your hemp j-tube in nature you needn't worry.

The Hemp J-Tube by Santa Cruz Shredder is designed to prevent rolling off any surface you lay it on, unlike traditional J-Tubes that come in a circular tube. Due to its double O-ring gasket seal, the Hemp J-Tube from Santa Cruz Shredder is entirely air-tight, odour-proof, and water-proof. The Hemp J-Tube is now available in black, white, green, blue, and purple colours.

Brand - Santa Cruz Shredder

Material - Hemp

Length - 13cm

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