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Sealz Essentials Vacuum Kit

Sealz Essentials Vacuum Kit



Sealz is a revolutionary new vacuum sealer that features a battery-less design; with this Sealz Vacuum Sealer Essentials kit you'll get the Sealz phone adapter vacuum pump powered by USB-C and Lightning cable. 


Sealz Vacuum Sealer Essentials includes 3 different bags with the largest capable of holding up to 112g, the medium up to 35g and the smallest up to 14g. Sealz Vaccum Sealer bags feature 7 layers of PE plastic to maximise odour control, they're also entirely reusable thanks to the intelligently designed seal bar that's both patent-pending and guarantees that Sealz is in the market of making single-use plastics redundant. 


Sealz is the ultimate portable vacuum sealer as it's powered by phone via USB-C, or lightning cable or for those who are vac-packing all day, the mains cable will be available with us soon. 


Sealz Vacuum Sealer uses only a tiny amount of power with each sealing taking up just 25Ma of power, which stops your phone's battery from ever getting overworked and also ensures your organic matter physical properties are conserved.


Preserve your organic goods up to 5X longer with SEALZ® technology, Sealz can keep organic matter preserved up until day 65 whilst keeping 99% of smells and odours locked inside the vacuum-sealed package. 


The SEALZ Essentials has one of everything that you need. With all 3 sizes of SEALZ vacuum pouches included, you got to try them all and decide which fits your best use case scenario!


What’s included

  • A SEALZ Vacuum Pump (Lightning & USB-C)
  • A Large bag: 9.75×9.75 inches. Fill up to 112 g
  • A Medium Bag: 9.75×5.5 inches. Fill up to 35 g
  • A Small bag: 6×4.25 inches. Fill up to 14 g
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