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Sealz Re-up Bags

Sealz Re-up Bags

PriceFrom £10.00

SEALZ Re-Up Bags are the brand new approach to vacuum sealing and preserving your organic goods and dry matter with ease. SEALZ Re-Up Bags are reusable vacuum sealer bags capable of being vacuum sealed by smartphone thanks to the Sealz Pump Vaccum Sealer, the world's smallest ever portable vacuum sealer.


All Sealz Re-up's vacuum bags are made out of 7-layer PE Plastic bonded together to ensure maximum odour control providing you with peace of mind when you travel out of the house, any time and anywhere. 


Sealz Vaccum Sealer is powered by your daily smartphone, all bags come in sets of two.


What’s included

  • A set of 2 vacuum pouches in the same sizes



Large bag: 9.75x9.75 inches, 0.075 pounds, Fill up to 112 g   

Medium Bag: 9.75x5.5 inches, 0.06 pounds, Fill up to 35 g  

Small bag: 6x4.25 inches, 0.03 pounds, Fill up to 14 g

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