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THCo. Rollie

Our Products

We take great pride in the products that we have created and designed. Premium smoking and dabbing accessories made to last, not hurt the environment and be aesthetically pleasing.


The Heady Shredder

Our Heady Shredders are our staple grinder. Made with Hemp Plastic this grinder is both stylish and eco friendly

The THCo. Rollie

Rollies' revolutionary 3-in-1 Bench, papers and Tips holder just got even cooler. Made from Hemp Plastic, so its good for the environment too!


Lighter LEash

Finally, a product that makes the question 'Where's my lighter' a thing of the past. 

The heady cloth

We spent a lot of time trying to develop the right microfibre cloth, we think ours is the best cleaning cloth on the market.

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